22 March 2013

Hi everybody!

I’ll be pouring here my thoughts about pretty much all things techie (at least those which catch my attention), doing my best in order to avoid boring people.

Currently I’m diving deeply into the amazing new world of Javascript MVC (or MVWhatever), so I’ll share my ideas every time I feel it’s worth.

Well, that’s enough chit-chat for now, time to get down to work.

For the task at hand, I’ll be using a “help drawer”, that is the Code Snippets directory, which you may have spotted in the main menu. There you’ll find code snippets of various lengths (something like a private local Gist) in some cases bound to its demo (as is the case in the first of them, Regexp Test) That’s the one and only example so far, but more are making their way up. By the way, the attentive reader may have noticed that besides its place where it belongs, which is the Code Snippets section, the Rexexp Test has earned a place at the very main menu. The reason for this is that a Regexp Tester has merits of its own, after all regular expressions are everywhere, and such a tool can come in handy, and despite the fact that you can find many of the kind in the web, well, I like mine and that’s it.

Should you become interested in regular expressions, I strongly suggest you to visit Regular-Expressions.info, IMHO the best online resource when it comes to regular expressions.

And that’s it for today. Your suggestions, opinions and the like will be highly regarded.


I'm finding this Jekyll blogging tool quite useful and fun, so I encourage you to give it a try, it'll will reward you


Stay tuned, more to come soon!

Domingo Savoretti



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