03 April 2013

These numbers are awesome!

Just taken from npmjs.org site

Node Packaged Modules

####Total Packages: 26 686

1,474,867 downloads in the last day

7,889,470 downloads in the last week

29,886,496 downloads in the last month

####Recently Updated

0m kue

2m karma

2m domainit

9m uber-compiler

10m node-simple-router

15m grunt-saucelabs

16m grunt-vlt

20m sioux-ui-button

22m hubot-web

24m cloudify

####Most Depended Upon

2608 underscore

1768 async

1611 request

1241 express

1240 coffee-script

1214 optimist

1062 commander

863 colors

612 uglify-js

560 mkdirp

The above figures are just taken from npm site. I really wonder if these numbers - which are surely for real - have some equivalence in the open source community. Anyway, even in the case of a fastest moving community, the fact remains: node.js is here to stay, and goes on and on delivering high quality software pieces for the entire community to enjoy, and it seems like this is only the beginning.

Stay tuned for more awesomeness to comeā€¦

Domingo Savoretti



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